Ogg Vorbis Player for Opie

This is a simple, lightweight Player for Opie I made primarily for myself, so could incorporate some features, Opieplayer or XMMS-embedded didn't have. It is designed to be simple, without any eye candies. As this is my first QT and Opie project, the propability for major bugs is vastly elevated, be warned. It has the following features:


Keyboard controls:

Space, Enter, OK button Play/Pause
Cancel Quit the application
Up, Down Volume control
Left, Right Previous/Next song
S Stop
L Loop
R Random
K Keyboard lock/unlock

As a limitation of the Opie file dialog you can only add one file at a time. That's why there is also a 'Add whole directory' option. Moving and Removing songs from the playlist can be done using the context menu (press and hold the softpen on a song for a second).


If you have questions, found bugs, have ideas for improvements, more features or if you just like it, please tell me.

My mail address is:


Thanks to Sharp for such a great Linux PDA, to Trolltech and the Opie team for the GUI and to the OpenEmbedded team for the OpenZaurus distribution and build environment.